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About Us August 2003

What motivates us?

ActiveDisarmament.org serves as an information resource for international relations scholars, journalists, policymakers and members of the global community who have an interest in contributing actively towards minimising the threat of nuclear war.

The official website of the Partnership for Active Disarmament, ActiveDisarmament.org was developed primarily in response to the release of the 2002 Nuclear Posture Review, and the elimination of the United States test ban moratorium in May 2003.

We maintain the position that the pursuit of new nuclear weapons threatens to undermine international arms reduction agreements and, in turn, to increase the probability of WMD proliferation by and to those states named within the NPR document. As such, we advocate against this via targeted engagement with the public, media and policy-makers.

The Partnership for Active Disarmament encourages the reproduction of its original articles, with the written permission of the Editor.

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